Cult Buster EXJW ( Ex Jehovah's Witness ) X 33 years and 3rd generation.The Watchtower cult $windled all of my family's savings. I am now dedicated to the exposing of these 'fraud for God' sleazy charlatans. Have a home page: visit often... HYSTERIA!That is what empowers and floats cults.

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Ex Jehovah's witnesses X 33 years 3rd generation.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

What Danny Wants? Everything!

The Watchtower leadership and a number of JW elder perps,are well aware of what I want...

Undaunted Danny wants EVERYTHING promised to me by the WT$.

Actually,I would be willing to settle out of court for all my money back,and they know it well.
Repay my money that you extorted from me and I Will go away

Meanwhile,I am giving them a run for their money........

MY Mission Profile and Biography: Cult Buster 47 y.o. Ex JW X 33 years 3rd generation.Wrongfully disfellowshipped [1-05-92] on perjured testimony from flunky Elders:

(1) "Mealymouth" George Marsden,

(2) "Flunky"Mark Henderson,

(3) "A.O.P."Richard Hall ,

(4) "Punkhole" David Mcgrath,

(5) "Cesspool mouth" Robert B. North

(6) and "Pedophile protector" William T.Darche,

All perps,from the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses Summer street Rockland Massachusetts USA 02370.TELEPHONE # (781) 878 - 6773.

My mission profile is to get the above family wrecking,pedophile protecting,and blasphemous bastard Elders all Disfellowshipped themselves.

I also demand a compensatory damage payment of $100,000,000 from the WT$ real estate empire and ripoff racket.
Watchtower,do the right thing!

Hold these perpetrators accountable immediately!

My motto/credo:"well living is the best revenge" and "kill the enemy besides"

[ Footnote:

MADD's motto;[Mothers Against Drunk Driving] "..Say nothing, nothing,...STOP nothing.."

God hates a coward NO REST FOR THE WICKED