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Thursday, August 05, 2004

JW Blood Transfusion Ban is Bogus


Jehovah's Witnesses adhere to an unscriptural position for Christians ( kosher law)

How risky is a Blood transfusion?(low) A comparison of transfusion risks to the risks of dying from other common causes:

Serious disease or death from transfusion: 1 chance in 200,000 / year Death from electrocution: 1 chance in 200,000 / year Death from drowning: 1 chance in 35,000 / year Death from a car accident: 1 chance in 7,000 / year Death from pneumonia or influenza: 1 chance in 3,000 / year Death from cancer: 1 chance in 500 / year Death from stroke or heart disease: 1 chance in 300 / year Source: Canadian Hemophilia Society
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The Watchtower's Bogus Blood ban.It is so twisted, ( to obstruct lawsuits ). Selected, JW elders receive special,( esoteric ) indoctrination just to try to make sense of it.

Remember,always do that, 'regression analysis'.Just where the heck did it all come from ?

........Well,Watchtower Leader 'detox' Joe Rutherford,got a 'burr' on his butt,back in the 1940's about blood.They knew it was bogus back then.

It's an overextension of the old testament kosher law,which DOESN'T apply to New testament Christians..

They thought that the end of the world was a coming back then,(1940ish).Sooo, there wouldn't be much of a body count causality.

Now with Blood on their hands,and the murder of thousands of innocent minor children,how can they account for the body count, if they repeal it outright now?

More importantly, to them,the WT$ would be sued,for mega-bucks,for all the wrongful death lawsuits.

So,as you can see before your very own eyes,they are eroding away gradually the dogma,eventually the day will come,when "new light" will "flash up" from Jehovah.and it will be dissolved.

What about all the dead kids,who died for NOTHING?

By the way the chief symptom of my own 28 year horror show with Bleeding ulcerative colitis was, profuse bloody bowel movements on the order of 20-30 x's a day.It created enormous stress for me to know I could bleed to death at any moment.Yet,as a devout Jehovah's Witness be forbidden to have a blood transfusion!

I am bearing witness to the Watchtower holocaust.

Watchtower Whistle Blower Bangor Maine USA

ยป Theologically,Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult of Christianity.The oppressive organization does not represent historical, Biblical Christianity in any way. Sociologically, it is a destructive cult whose false teachings frequently result in spiritual and psychological abuse, as well as needless deaths.