Cult Buster EXJW ( Ex Jehovah's Witness ) X 33 years and 3rd generation.The Watchtower cult $windled all of my family's savings. I am now dedicated to the exposing of these 'fraud for God' sleazy charlatans. Have a home page: visit often... HYSTERIA!That is what empowers and floats cults.

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Ex Jehovah's witnesses X 33 years 3rd generation.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


I have peered into the abyss and seen the evil.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are diabolical disciples of Satan.They do eat their young and have murdered more innocents than the global terrorists .

We have tackled a wide range of topics here,such as wrecked family's and marriages,and their blasphemous gospel of gobbledygook.

Let me focus on just one issue:

Premature deaths caused by neglect of health care among Jehovah's Witnesses who have no medical plans and health insurance plans due to their subsistence cottage industries like washing windows and part time employment.
Then there is the other group who neglect their health care believing in the bogus Watchtower promise that 'any day' they will be delivered into the 'new system'.

Without hyperbole as a 3rd generation EXJW,i myself know of hundreds, including many of my own family members who have died prematurely.

This is mass murder!

Aside from the dashed hopes and dreams,squandering my youthful vitality and my life $avings for a fraudulent cult.In my own case i have diabetes,a colostomy and crooked teeth (didn't need dental braces will get my perfect teeth in the 'new system'), as a direct result of the Watchtower's prophetic promise defaults and blatant lies!

The Watchtower say's their Orwellian 'new world order' is a 'spiritual paradise'.

They truly are the predatory 'wolves in sheep's clothing'.[Matt.7:15]

The public at large must be warned about this deadly cult!

I am standing tall as a witness of the Watchtower Holocaust.

Any other witnesses out there?